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Reporter Li Yixuan / Xinbei Report

Net RedDeng JiahuaDue to unsuccessful work, wasRen SenkiUndertake one’s own banner, from a seafood store employee to a full-time “live streaming“Little Helper” only successfully received the second salary, but recently “declared his resignation” again. He also showed the firm will of “No one can stop me” and completely tore his face with Lian Qianyi. Deng Jiahua’s agent “Pudding” and Lanting Company’s anchor “Nagase Quinni” arrived at the New Taipei District Court at 3 pm today (22) and appealed to Deng Jiahua for breach of contract for 20 million yuan.

▲▼Deng Jiahua’s agent Pudding (left) and anchor Nagase Quinni (right) went to Xinbei for inspection today. (Photo/Photo by reporter Li Yixuan)

A few days ago, Deng Jiahua was the host of the live broadcast of Fit 3 Breasts, but was called “Sorry Turtle” by the editor of Lian Qianyi’s fan post, saying that Deng Jiahua was “still picking up girls”, and even caused Lian Qianyi’s dissatisfaction. I did not expect the editor to post After two days of literary talent, Deng Jiahua “resigned” again and shouted “I am free” on Facebook. It seems that this time is a real game. Originally, he was going to be on the same stage with the artist Peng Chacha and Hei Mian on the 21st, but he went missing. He couldn’t get in touch with anyone, so Lian Qianyi yelled at him, “No professional ethics, play a big name!”.

▲Deng Jiahua was absent from the performing arts activities arranged by Lian Qianyi yesterday for no reason, making Peng Qiaqia and other senior seniors wait on stage. (Photo/Provided by Lian Qianyi)

Deng Jiahua’s agent, “Pudding”, arrived at the New Taipei Inspection Service this afternoon and rang the bell. She said that Deng Jiahua had signed a three-year contract with Lanting Company, but he only breached the contract in less than three months, including refusing to go to the live broadcast arranged by the company. , Commercial event performances, etc., “He told us that he was not coming today, and some even ran away directly!” The reason is that he “does not want to broadcast live, but wants to find other jobs.” Now he can only find out through Facebook. His idea, but if he doesn’t like the image of the company’s packaging, he can put it forward first, otherwise the company can’t help.

▲The agent “Pudding” and anchor Nagase Quinni expressed dissatisfaction with Deng Jiahua during the interview and hoped that he could contact the company again. (Photo/Photo by reporter Li Yixuan)

However, when it comes to Deng Jiahua’s work performance, even Qianyi’s anchor “Kunni Nagase” has given affirmation. She praised Deng Jiahua for his serious attitude. Whether he wants to sing or dance, she will practice beforehand, and she will learn pronunciation every day when she teaches him Japanese. He’s not bad in nature, but he doesn’t understand the world. The boss has repeatedly given him opportunities, but he is also very strict with him. He never attacked him. I believe he just needs time.” The company was surprised that he suddenly proposed to leave and hoped that he would have For ideas, you can contact the broker directly.

Deng Jiahua told the “Sanli News Network” through a friend that when he was called “sex turtle” for the first time, he was quite disgusted with these two words. He had already expressed his absenteeism in protest, but after returning to the live broadcast as a helper, fans The editor of Tuan also used the word “sex turtle” to describe Deng Jiahua. He complained to his friends, saying that he had been vilified and his reputation had been damaged. Only then would he be violently turned away, thinking that the other party “should not continue to step on the bottom line for traffic. “.

▲Deng Jiahua was absent from the performing arts activities arranged for him by Lian Qianyi on the 21st for no reason. (Photo/Provided by Lian Qianyi)

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