Deni Avdija selected in 9 by the Wizards, a ray of sunshine in the fog of the Capital?

Roses are red, violets are blue, nothing goes as planned and that’s good! The evening is simply unpredictable as the franchises surprise, to the chagrin of Deni Avdija who fell to … ninth place (!) In this Draft. Nothing too bad, unless basketball was his priority.

When a player says he doesn’t care which franchise he is going to join, that could also mean “Everyone except the Wizards”. It is therefore a big miss for Deni Avdija, who ultimately did not even crack the doors of the Top 5. Thus, the former Maccabi Tel Aviv takes the direction of the capital, he who will arrive in a franchise that will want to find the Playoffs on the back of Bradley Beal and thanks – perhaps – to the return of John Wall. Can Deni help in this goal by contributing quickly thanks in particular to his qualities as a playmaker? The future will tell. In the 2019-20 fiscal year, Avdija was worth 9 points, 4.5 rebounds and 2 assists on average in all competitions, a statistical line that is not grandiose but promising since the profile of the youngster tends to affirm that his progress is lasting. This being the case, it remains one of the big question marks of this cuvée, in particular due to its ability to adapt to the Rican game. We leave you with a little jubilee of his prowess, and we’ll meet in a year to find out if Chicago missed a crack.

Many saw it above, it is ultimately not. Deni Avdija therefore enters the club of players to watch, history to take stock in a while and to know if the Doncic of Wish was worth being Top 5. One thing is certain: it will make a little order. in the brothel of the capital.

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