Deployment of 280 new-generation mobile and fixed radars: the war declared on reckless drivers

During this year more than 140 radars will be installed to monitor speed and compliance with red light inside and outside urban areas.

It is one of the main risk factors on the roads. Speeding continues to take its toll. The authorities intend to declare war on the roads on the drivers. In this sense, no less than 140 mobile radars and more than 140 fixed radars were made available this year to each of the road control bodies of the National Security and the Royal Gendarmerie. This was revealed on Tuesday, the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, Abdelkader Amara, during a ceremony organized on the sidelines of the holding of the 2nd session of the Council. administration of the National Road Safety Agency (NARSA).
The authorities are betting on technology to better control infringements. Concretely, these are new generation radars which will make it possible to monitor compliance with the authorized speed, but not only that. These radars have the ability to simultaneously check overtaking and compliance with the red light. The announcement was made during a launching ceremony by the responsible minister. In detail, the fixed speed cameras display a total of 552 units which will be spread over a period of 3 years. The Minister indicated in this sense that during this year more than 140 radars will be installed to monitor the speed and the respect of the red light inside and outside urban areas. Further still, two conventions were signed. The first with the National Security and the second with the Royal Gendarmerie. The objective is to provide the security forces with portable radars. These radars are also of new generation. No need for screening officers to be out of sight to check. Indeed, the new control devices make it possible to check that motorists respect the authorized speed and to note the infringements committed up to a total distance of 2 km.

While the drop in traffic due to the state of health emergency has made it possible to reduce the number of victims, accidents are still registering worrying levels in Morocco. In this sense, the figures for the first 8 months of 2020 compared to those for 2019 reflect declines. While waiting for the final report, which will not be available until next February, the number of fatalities has fallen by 28% to stand at 1,668. Fatalities, which totaled 1,506, decreased by 26.03%. For their part, bodily accidents recorded a decrease of 24.91%, or 50,926. It should be noted that the largest drop (- 29.30%) was recorded in the level of serious injuries which stood at 4,046. As for the slightly injured, their number fell by 27.30% to 67,449. That said, these declines remain cyclical because they are linked to the context of the pandemic. In reality, the human element and the behavior of road users are unfortunately still decisive in this road war which has been raging for years.


According to the DGSN report for the first days of this month of November, accidents are mainly due to the inadvertence of drivers, failure to respect the right of way, excessive speed, inadvertence of pedestrians, failure to respect the safety distance, failure to control vehicles, unauthorized change of direction, failure to respect the stop sign, change of direction without use of a signal, traffic in the left lane, drunk driving, disregarding traffic lights and illegal overtaking.

Concerning the control and repression of traffic offenses, the security services recorded 41,511 fines and established 10,917 reports submitted to the prosecution, while 30,594 transaction fines were collected.
The DGSN also informs that the sums collected reached 6,455,925 dirhams, indicating the municipal impoundment of 4,255 vehicles, the seizure of 6,125 documents and the withdrawal from circulation of 537 vehicles.


According to the latest statistics available, namely those for the month of August, the number of fatalities has decreased by 33.98% compared to the month of August 2019, reaching 272. Fatal accidents have fallen by 33, 15%, amounting to 240. Analysis of provisional statistics for August shows a drop of 11.99% in bodily accidents which stood at 7,970. For their part, the seriously injured fell by 25.10% to 731.

The same goes for light injuries which fell by 17.96% to 11,088. The general decrease in indicators can be explained by a drop in automobile traffic due to the health crisis. Unsurprisingly, the first victims of road accidents are vulnerable users (pedestrians and users of two and three wheels) who remain the most affected category recording around 57% of fatalities, followed by passenger car users who constitute over 33.8% of all fatalities.

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