Despite Biden’s inauguration: What is Trump planning to do with the atomic case? – Politics abroad

When the elected US President Donald Trump (74) leaves Washington with “Air Force One” at around 2 p.m. German time today, he will travel one last time with heavy luggage.

On board the flight to Florida, where Trump retires to his luxury resort Mar-a-Lago, is a 45 kilogram leather suitcase, brand: “Zero Halliburton”. Inside: A tap-proof communication system with which every US president can dispose of thousands of US nuclear missiles at any time of the day or night. The legendary atomic suitcase, nicknamed “football” in the USA. And Trump was carried behind by changing aides for four years.

Trump’s decision to stay away from the swearing-in ceremony of his successor as the first US president since 1869 makes the handover to Joe Biden a logistical nightmare for the military.

Because: The constitution gives Trump control of nuclear attacks until the second Biden is sworn in. To do this, he always carries a plastic card (nickname: “the biscuit”) with him with the codes that identify him as President.

Photo: dpa

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Thousands of flags in front of the National Mall, which has been sealed off for days, replace the audience: Joe Biden’s inauguration takes place in a small group due to the coronaPhoto: dpa

The solution according to CNN: Biden should get his own suitcase. Immediately after the swearing-in (around 6 p.m. German time, BILD reports LIVE), the device of the old president is deactivated and that of the new one is activated.

It is unclear whether Biden will get a new copy or one of the supposedly three existing replacement “footballs” that are also available to the vice presidents. In any case, high-ranking military officials should bring Trump’s atomic case back to Washington from Florida as soon as possible.

Is Trump breaking with the letter tradition?

Trump has left reports open until the end of whether he wants to leave his successor a letter, as is tradition. To this day he has not congratulated him on his election victory. As the first head of state in US history, he has to face a second impeachment trial. The House of Representatives voted Wednesday in favor of charges against the Republican in connection with the Capitol storm. The Senate must now decide on the actual impeachment, which should happen next week at the earliest.

With his participation in the inauguration of his successor, according to observers, he could have sent an important signal for American democracy and national unity.


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