Despite the cold, 300 people still at the Notre-Dame camp

Even though the temperatures are starting to cool, nearly 300 homeless people are still at the camp on Notre-Dame Street, in eastern Montreal.

In addition to the cold temperatures, several campers caught the flu virus.

Many of the homeless people met by TVA Nouvelles say they do not want to spend the winter in the tents. Some are still equipped with a generator, allowing to have an electrical supply, and therefore, additional heaters.

A Good Samaritan met on the spot explained that he supported the group, and denounced the inaction of the authorities in this matter.

TVA Nouvelles questioned the City of Montreal to find out what would happen to this camp, but the City had still not answered Sunday afternoon.

Two shelters that could accommodate 75 people closed recently; there is only one left.

Faced with this uncertainty, an older man installed at the Notre-Dame campsite explained that he would soon be leaving the place to join a therapy house in Gaspésie, where he will leave with three other homeless people.

He does not believe that people will actually spend the winter on Notre-Dame Street.

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