Despite the crisis, the king of terracotta tiles continues to conquer Europe

The health and economic crisis has not dampened all ambitions. And especially not those of Terreal, specialist in roofing and roofing whose head office is located in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). At the end of the year, this major player in terracotta construction materials, which already manages 22 production sites in France, will acquire its German competitor Creaton. A large-scale operation which, in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, allows it to target the roof of Europe.

“The year 2020 will have been very contrasted, observes Laurent Musy, CEO of Terreal. Like many companies, we first suffered greatly from the health situation and the first confinement with production lines stopped and recourse to partial unemployment. But we did everything to get away very quickly by developing strict health protocols. ”

And the boss to detail this spring rebound. “From April 10, our first factories were operational again and on arrival, we had exceptional months of June, July and August,” he recalls. We were also lucky to be able to count on customers who played the game by paying the orders on time. “

This adaptability and resilience have also made it possible to generate cash and maintain the confidence of Park Square Capital and Goldman Sachs, the shareholders of Terreal. And thus to complete, without having recourse to the loan guaranteed by the State, the takeover of its Bavarian competitor until then held by the Belgian group Etex.

“We gain 63% growth at once”

The transaction, the amount of which remains confidential, should also allow Terreal to strengthen itself with a view to conquering new markets. “We are gaining 63% growth at once and we are becoming, thanks to this transformative acquisition, a true European group,” says Laurent Musy. We are number two in terracotta tiles in France and we are number one in Germany. ”

The acquisition of Creaton by the Suresnoise company is in fact part of a strategy of geographical and industrial diversification initiated in 2017 with the takeover of the Italian Pica, then in compulsory liquidation. This approach should allow Terreal to diversify its markets and, consequently, to no longer be too dependent on the French market alone, where it had previously achieved 83% of its sales.

With this acquisition, the number two terracotta roofing in France – behind Edilians – also sees its turnover rise from 380 to 610 million euros. And its number of employees go from 2000 to 3250. A great achievement in the current climate.

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