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Destiny 2: Beyond the Light inaugurates a new currency from Europe, the new moon available in the expansion. Find out how to collect them, and what they are used for in our guide.

The pieces of Pourtoujours may have a name to sleep outside, they are nonetheless important to continue your progress in Europe, Jupiter’s moon, the setting for the story of Beyond the Light, the latest expansion for Destiny 2.

So that Variks give you access to its contracts and to the collection of coins, You must first have completed the main campaign of Beyond the Light, then complete the epilogue sabotage mission. Once this is done, Variks will give you the objective of completing two sabotage quests.

What are the Pourtoujours coins used for?

Variks, the rebellious Eliksni who accompanies you in the storyline of the expansion, offers you various quests and contracts to earn various rewards, such as epic equipment, and components. To purchase these missions or objectives, you will need to spend Lumens. But the Sabotage tab allows you to advance in different levels, allowing you to unlock different activities and bonuses.

Against coins from Pourtoujours, you can for example increase the recovery rate of it, or unlock challenges of the week, consisting of going to kill a well-defined target. As things progress, you can unlock all the levels (there are three in total, containing 7 missions each).

Where can you find Pourtoujours parts?

There are different ways to find them, but some activities pay more than others, especially because of their speed. Note in passing that you can take the opportunity to carry out your quests to unlock exotic weapons from previous years, sometimes requiring the killing of particular enemies, or a large number of them.

Activities allowing you to collect coins from Pourtoujours:

  • patrol contracts
  • public events
  • forgotten sectors

Kill fallen only!

To collect coins from Forever, you must absolutely target Fallen in House of Salvation. In fact, do not waste time in places full of Vex.

Destiny 2 guide summary: Beyond the Light

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