Detective recently graduated from the specialized brigade of the PDI foiled a robbery with intimidation against him when he shot an assailant in Renca with his service weapon.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Campos de Marte and Santa Cruz streets, when the plainclothes detective moved to his place of work.

Upon reaching the corner, a car stopped next to her and a man who wanted to steal her belongings got out threatening her with a gun.

According to the deputy chief commissioner of the Special Police Investigations Brigade (Bipe) of the PDI, Juan Pardo, “the newly graduated detective applied everything taught at the parent school proceeding to draw his service weapon and shot the subject“.

After this, the car ran away while the assailant remained on the road wounded. The PDI official alerted her relatives of the situation so that finally police personnel arrived at the scene.

The man, a Venezuelan national, was taken by passersby to a care center where he was arrested for the crime of robbery with blatant intimidation, who previously had a conviction for theft.

For now, an investigation is being carried out to identify the other assailants, which correspond to four people.