Deutsche Bahn employs 25,000 people

Dhe railway hired more employees this year than in the previous year, despite the sharp drop in passenger numbers. On Thursday it was 25,000. new colleague welcomed this year. “The mobility turnaround is only possible with people,” said Martin Seiler, Chief Human Resources Officer. Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) said that the federally owned railway would remain a “job machine”. There were 24,000 new hires in 2019.

The group is pursuing the strategy of greatly expanding its rail services in Germany. However, a large part of the 215,000 employees in Germany will retire in the next few years. At least 18,000 new hires are planned for the next two years.

After deducting departures, the workforce will grow by around 5,000 this year. According to earlier information, it could be around 2000 each in the next two years.

“In the next ten years, half of the workforce will be retiring,” said Seiler. There are 13,000 to 17,000 people leaving each year. The aim is to rejuvenate the workforce.

This year, above all, the operational areas were hired, said Seiler. Many newcomers work in the maintenance of rails and trains as well as in the trains as a train driver or train attendant. Engineers and IT experts were also hired in greater numbers.

“We will continue to grow when we come out of the crisis,” said Seiler. In addition to personnel, investments are to be made in new trains and infrastructure. Scheuer called for more women to be employed, especially in technical professions. One in four employees across the Group is a woman.


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