News Deutsche Bank shareholders need a lot of patience and...

Deutsche Bank shareholders need a lot of patience and good nerves


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The logo of Deutsche Bank at the company headquarters: The Investor Day on 10 December will be the acid test for the new strategy.

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In just seven days, Deutsche Bank invites you to its big Investor Day in the twin towers at the Frankfurt Taunusanlage. For CEO Christian Sewing, the meeting with analysts and fund managers is a great opportunity and a great risk at the same time.

A chance, because Sewing, for the first time, gets the opportunity to show in detail how the renovation of Germany's biggest financial center is going. The figures for the third quarter did not shed any light on that, because the announcement of the basic renovation in July was such a break that it outshined almost the entire quarter. Now, Sewing can prove to its critics that the bank is actually able to meet its self-imposed goals.

One risk is the Investor Day for the top management of the bank because the bank can not afford a failure. To describe the attitude of the long-suffering mistrust as a latent mistrust is actually an understatement.

The burden of proof that the new strategy works is clearly on the bank's side. Too often, the largest domestic bank has already missed its own goals, too often turned out sophisticated recovery plans after a short time as waste.

The problem for Sewing and his colleagues on the Executive Board: Since the launch of the new strategy, the environment for all European banks has become even harsher, especially as a result of the cementing of the European Central Bank's interest rate policy.

Should the bank be able to meet the requirements of the restructuring plan this year, despite the sharper headwinds, this would be a success. It would be a first step in regaining the confidence of the markets. However, many more steps would have to follow. Anyone who wants to accompany Deutsche Bank on its reorganization path as an investor will need a lot of patience and pretty good nerves.

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