Developer of fake Diablo 2 remake closed beta link complained against ban on reddit

Earlier, Blizzard announced the game “Diablo 2 Resurrected” (Diablo 2: Hellfire Rebirth). Recently, it has also started a closed beta program. Players only need to apply online to participate. However, a fake link for the closed beta came out on the Internet immediately, and the official urged players to get the qualification for trial play on the official website.

When Blizzard launched the remake, it was watched around the world, but recently there has been a link to provide users with free trial qualifications on foreign reddit forums. This move attracted the attention of the developer of the “Diablo” series, Adam Fletcher. On Twitter, players are urged not to be deceived by these links. He added that the closed beta links that everyone sees on the online forums are not true. The safest way is to apply on the official website.

However, the reddit forum blocked Adam Fletcher’s permissions for this move. The administrator pointed out that these closed beta links were obtained through legitimate channels, and asked Blizzard to “terminate the contract of this lying employee, just as we blocked him.”

source:Adam Fletcher Twitter

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