Di Lieba’s high slit goes to the root of the thigh! Stepping on the skirt and tripping over her shy and shy appearance. Watch dizzy | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Ji Jialin report

Chinese actress Di Lieba participated in the Tencent Video’s 10th Anniversary Pickup Ceremony yesterday (7th). Many celebrities came to the scene. Di Lieba wore a beautiful blue high-slit dress that day. Put on a white lace hollow feather skirt to give you a clear view of your good figure.

▲Dilraba’s high-slit skirt opens to the big heel, showing off white and tender legs. (Photo/Reversed from Di Lieba’s Weibo)

Di Lieba first walked on the red carpet in a sapphire blue dress, and opened to the high-slit design of the thighs, revealing a pair of white and tender legs, very sexy, but it is suspected that the skirt was too long, which caused her to trip over while walking, and then showed shyness. After the process was filmed, it instantly caused heated discussions on the Internet.

▲Dilraba put on a second lace hollow dress, which is faintly fascinating. (Picture/Reversed from Toutiao Fashion Information Weibo)

After Di Lieba got embarrassed on stage, she frowned slightly, shook her head with an awkward and sweet smile, and then the video went viral on the Internet, with the “small expression of Di Lieba tripped over.” As the topic, many fans read the comments “God descends to the earth”, “It’s really a princess, it’s so beautiful”, and “The whole world is you from now on.”

▲ Di Lieba almost tripped, showing a shy appearance. (Picture/Retrieved from Sina Entertainment Weibo)

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