die-ins to denounce “state failures”

Activists of the #NousToutes collective took part on Saturday in “die-ins” in several cities, in particular in Paris and Toulouse, to denounce “the failures of the State and the legal system” in the handling of cases of domestic violence and feminicides.

At the call of each of the victims killed by their spouse or ex-spouse since the beginning of the year, 93 women dressed in black stretched out one after the other on the Place de l’Hotel de Ville in Paris to denounce the violence made to women, noted an AFP journalist.

Each of them carried a sign on which was written the name of the victim and his age. “65% of these murdered women had made contact with the police or the justice system, but the public authorities have turned their backs on them,” denounced the group.

In Toulouse, around thirty women, most of them young, participated in the die-in in the city center, behind the Capitol, before gathering behind a banner on which one could read: “Death to feminicides”.

“Gender-based and sexual violence against all women and the LGBT community has not declined in recent years, on the contrary,” said a member of the collective over the megaphone at the Paris rally.

“It is time to stop experimenting and put in place large-scale public policies throughout the territory,” she called, demanding the release of an envelope of one billion euros to finance a public policy to combat gender-based and sexual violence.

An increase in subsidies allocated to associations, a multiplication of emergency accommodation structures and a generalization of devices such as the serious danger telephone are also demanded by #NousToutes.

In Toulouse, Malika Khelifa, spokesperson for the collective in Haute-Garonne, recalled that Spain was “an example”, especially in terms of the resources mobilized for this fight.

#NousToutes also called for demonstrations on Saturday, November 20 in Paris and throughout France, as it does every year around the International Day for the fight against violence against women (November 25). About forty marches are planned in the country.

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