Dinant: mayor Axel Tixhon announces his resignation

The mayor of Dinant, Axel Tixhon, announced early Friday evening that he was resigning from his post of mayor. The latter favors, through this choice, “his physical integrity“.

For nearly three years, I have devoted most of my activity to the service of the Dinantese, and this in truly exceptional circumstances, particularly during the last few weeks. I accomplished my mission with the sense of duty that is naturally mine, with enthusiasm, spontaneously without any restraint or limit, in full collaboration with the members of the majority. At this point however, I unfortunately have to realize that, without really realizing it so far, this debauchery of energy has started to have negative influences on my body. Today, I make the choice to protect my physical integrity and to give up my maïoral function of the City of Dinant to privilege my professional activity within the University of Namur. I therefore asked the Namur university authorities to reinstate me in my full-time position at the faculties and I submitted my resignation letter to our Director General in order to send it to the members of the Municipal Council of the City of Dinant“, he indicates in a press release.

Axel Tixhon, who took over from Richard Fournaux after the 2018 municipal elections, says he is leaving his post with the feeling of duty accomplished. “But also with the awareness that my strengths were undoubtedly not sufficient to face the present challenges and especially those to come.“.

In the last federal elections, Axel Tixhon was first substitute on the cdH list in the province of Namur. Passed by the University of Namur and UCLouvain, he also has a doctorate in History.c

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