Diosdado Cabello: It is no longer from Obama, now it is the Biden decree

The head of the parliamentary fraction of the Bloque de la Patria in the National Assembly (AN), Diosdado Cabello, referred to the renewed decree that declares Venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threat to the security of the United States, by the president of American, Joe Biden.

“The new US Government has a month and a bit and they already bombed Syria and today they renewed Obama’s decree, which is no longer Obama’s decree but Biden’s,” he said during the broadcast of his program Con el Mazo Dando.

He indicated that this action by the Biden administration makes it clear that “imperialism is an institution” and that “there the president does not rule because the corporations rule.”

He insisted on the need not to have false illusions about the United States because “imperialism is hurt in its pride, because the empire has operated with all its structure and institutions and in all this time and they have not been able to defeat Venezuela and they will not be able to.”

“Who thinks that the North American empire is going to leave us alone is watching another movie,” he stressed.

“They are a few brats”

The also first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), supported the measures adopted by the Venezuelan Government regarding the expulsion of the EU ambassador, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa and questioned the “demands” of this body to reverse this measure.

“They impose sanctions on us and we in response expel the ambassador and they ‘demand’ that a sovereign measure be reversed (…). It is the arrogance of the imperial. That is so, from there they impose sanctions on any Venezuelan and we in reciprocity expel their ambassador; what is the same is not cheating ”, he explained.

He described as “entrépita” the Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya whom he accused of having gone to Colombia to coordinate destabilizing actions against Venezuela.

“This lady (Spanish Foreign Minister) believes that Venezuela is a colony and that they can give us orders (…). They are immoral, they are very great immoral people who believe that they are going to give us lessons because they are the kingdom of Spain, go and eat a sweet! “

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