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Disabled worker: should you warn your future employer?

by archyde

Nothing obliges the people benefiting from the recognition of the quality of disabled worker (RQTH) to speak about it to their employer. However, this status helps those over 16 to obtain or keep a job despite “the degradation of at least one physical, sensory, mental or psychic function”.

To be requested from the departmental house for disabled people (MDPH) in your place of residence, it provides access to a set of measures put in place to promote professional integration: rehabilitation internships, apprenticeship contract, working hours and workstation arrangements, specialized support for finding a job, etc.

“It can be scary”

The question arises, however, for people with an invisible disability… whether or not to announce the color during their job interview. “The interest in saying this is to access the budgets set up by the company for the employees concerned, to plan for adjustments”, explains Stéphane Rivière, president and founder of Talenteo, an inclusive digital media, for whom the RQTH is a “tool for quality of life at work”. The latter nevertheless recommends obtaining information before the interview on the company’s attitude to disability, by going to its website, on LinkedIn.

You might as well wait and see how the first interview goes, he argues, and talk about his skills instead, see if the person inspires you with confidence. There will always be time to discuss your disability later, with human resources or the manager. Say: hello, I am RQTH can be scary ”.

This is all the more true when it comes to mental disabilities (schizophrenia, bipolarity, etc.) in which employers or managers feel helpless by ignorance. “We must allay reciprocal fears,” insists Stéphane Rivière.

At Ikea in Rouen (Seine-Maritime), during his job interview, Garett did not hesitate to talk about his disability, a disabling double tendonitis which has earned him two dismissal for incapacity in the past. And yet his manager Tristan, initially skeptical about his suitability as a maintenance technician, is now delighted to have him by his side. “If it was me who had interviewed him, I would have really hesitated to hire him. I would have been afraid he was not fit. But I have since realized that it would have been a big mistake because he is super humanly and professionally ”.

Garett had already obtained his RQTH before being recruited but it can quite be requested after hiring and remains, in all cases, subject to confidentiality if the employee so wishes.

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