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Disclosed details of the wedding of Alexander Gradsky with Marina Kotashenko

It was she who insisted on marriage

Russia will say goodbye to Alexander Gradsky on December 1 – a civil funeral will be held at his Gradsky Hall theater, and the musician will be buried at the Vagankovsky cemetery. The wife asked that the media not shoot, respecting the family’s feelings. Meanwhile, sources told us how Alexander Gradsky, a month before his death, decided to marry Marina Kotashenko, with whom he lived for 17 years in a civil marriage (Marina bore him two children).

According to our sources surrounded by the family, transferring the words of the musician, it was Marina Kotashenko who insisted on the marriage with Alexander Gradsky after his illness (the singer was seriously ill with coronavirus). Despite the fact that Gradsky himself asked to postpone more – especially in a situation where he began to have big health problems, and every step was taken with difficulty.

Friends of the couple suspected that the relationship in her went wrong even before the illness of Alexander Gradsky.

“Where are you in a hurry?” – Alexander Borisovich retold the words said to Marina and explained that he had already provided children for everyone, including real estate.

Nevertheless, Marina Kotashenko achieved an official marriage. There was no loud ceremony, “classic wedding” with guests and a feast.

The widow of Alexander Gradsky is from Kiev. Marina moved to Moscow right after school and began her modeling career. Then she graduated from VGIK and became an actress.

Gradsky saw the girl on the street, left his phone – this is how their romance began.

Kotashenko became the fourth wife of the musician. The previous wife, Olga Fartysheva, gave birth to two older children to Gradsky.

Alexander Gradsky died on November 28, 2021, he was hospitalized after a stroke – the doctors made every effort to save his life, but could not help … Gradsky was 72 years old. Marina Kotashenko is now 39 years old.

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