Disco Elysium adapted in a free playable Game Boy Edition

Disco Elysium est arose on ya already one year, ZA / UM is busy porting his role-playing game to consoles and translate it into various languages with the help of the community, the French texts are moreover 90% advanced, it is on the right track. But it is fans who have decided to celebrate the first anniversary, with a Game Boy version.

Colin Brannan and GB Studio have indeed developed an unofficial Disco Elysium game, which only traces the introduction of the RPG of ZA / UM, but who is available for free download in version ROM, which can therefore be played via a real Game Boy if you have the right equipment. Otherwise, a PC or smartphone will do the trick.

A nice little birthday present for fans, while waiting to discover Disco Elysium on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, normally later in the year 2020, although a postponement seems inevitable. You can find a ASUS Chromebook at 349 € on Amazon.fr.

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