discounts of up to 50% and advances in remote medicine

There is no doubt that health and the economy have become the concerns par excellence of the Spanish throughout this year. Faced with the false dilemma consisting of having to choose between the two, the truth is that we are talking about closely related elements. Enjoy quality healthcare without a large outlay it is undoubtedly one of the priorities of most of us. In these circumstances, MAPFRE launches a discount campaign for its health insurance that aims to satisfy these demands.

These reductions in hiring reach up to 50% off according to the client. The two individual types of health insurance They start from a 20% discount, to which an additional 20% may be added in the event that the insured has other contracted policies with MAPFRE. In addition, if the policy is family friendly, a new discount of 10% will be added. To evaluate each individual case, on the company’s website it is possible to access a calculation system which analyzes which discounts are applicable and establishes the final price of the insurance.

The breadth of MAPFRE’s offer is one of its great bets. Health care insurance has four different options: choice, copayment, reduced copayment and no copayment, while the reimbursement modality -with which they lead the market- allows you to choose the reimbursement of medical expenses or the Elite health reimbursement, which is the most complete choice of the range . The comparative table that can be consulted on the MAPFRE website reflects these differences, which range from the availability of the different health specialties or oral coverage even access to the US hospital network or the use of an exclusive healthcare manager.

Another of the decisive elements today is the possibility of carry out the procedures immediately and through the network. And having an electronic prescription is essential for most users of the health system. MAPFRE Medical Center clients have access to this service free of charge; It is enough that users of any of the fifteen centers that the company has distributed throughout the Spanish geography request it to receive the prescription that the specialists prescribe, and show it in their pharmacy by mobile phone.

And, as we have been able to read in recent analyzes, the characteristics most valued by those who contract health insurance today are four: telemedicine, security, utility and savings. The first is easy to understand in times of coronavirus, with a notable increase in telematic inquiries during 2020.

In this context, the MAPFRE Salud app reveals a fundamental help to carry out both consultations and procedures related to health. The medical chat and video consultations allow you to attend to your clients in an agile and secure way, while other services, such as the search for nearby health centers, online access to the results of the analyzes or the telematic management of health authorizations facilitate procedures that until recently were cumbersome.

Another important asset in your bet on digital medicine is Savia, a health services platform that has its own app and offers different services according to the contracted plan. From a free plan to perform 24-hour consultations and evaluate the patient’s symptoms -with specialties in Pediatrics, Gynecology, Dermatology, Psychology and General Medicine- to premium plans that include medical care for a year and a genetic study that evaluates the patient’s health situation to face Covid-19.

When we talk about security, one of the biggest concerns of the contractors of a policy is whether it will adequately cover their health needs. MAPFRE’s insurance is designed in such a way that the client can configure a customized assistance, choosing the medical guarantees you need according to your state of health and your forecasts.

In terms of utility, the uncertainty generated by the pandemic in our life horizons has led to a increase in the contracting of private insurance; According to a recent study by the consulting firm Bain and Company, 27% of those surveyed who did not have insurance of this kind expressed their desire to take out one soon. Added to factors such as time and travel savings is the possibility of more easily accessing tests related to the coronavirus. All MAPFRE centers have detection tests, both PCR and serological.


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