diseño similar a Display Pro XDR

The iMac concept we want to see come true

Along with the launch of the Mac Pro, Apple released an incredible display called the Pro Display XDR that seeks to replace the old Thunderbolt Displays. The design of this screen left many people more than satisfied with practically not having any kind of margin in addition to including a 6K resolution and HDR.

When this screen was seen, many people came to mind the iMac but with a more modern touch. Right now the iMac has a screen that has some pretty important bezels that are expected to end up reducing in future models. Right now this designer has wanted to imagine an iMac with a design very similar to the Pro Display XDR screen that is undoubtedly incredible. This can be seen in the following video that has been created by the designers.

The fact that the Pro Display XDR has a considerable thickness would make it much easier to include the necessary components for the computer to function. In this way, a larger screen could be included without having to increase the dimensions of the chassis that the iMac Pro have right now.

It is clear that Apple must take a step forward with its new iMac. The fact that the design has dragged on since 2012 may turn out to be a mistake. Right now it is quite important to give a modern touch to the equipment so that they are much more visually attractive so that many more sales are generated. The problem obviously may be in the price, which can rise considerably since we must bear in mind that this screen is not exactly economical. But we must bear in mind that from Apple they can opt for lower resolutions in order to lower costs and make this future iMac much more accessible.

The drawback of the stand may also be on the minds of many people. Right now if you want to support this screen on the table, you must purchase a support with a price that is not too cheap. Who knows if Apple will also want its new all-in-one computer to be placed on a wall by default.

What is clear is that these are mere rumors and we must wait to see the steps that the company will follow with this team. Although there are rumors of the incorporation of a chip MacBook Pro M1 It may not be accompanied by an aesthetic change following the conservative air so characteristic already.

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