Dispute in residential building over elevator: the victim is a wheelchair user

“If I were already at home, it would be different in my head”: Norbert Bülow in the BG Clinic Accident Hospital in Berlin in front of two elevators
Image: Jens

There is a dispute in a Berlin apartment building: one party is for an elevator, the other is against it. The victim of the conflict is a wheelchair user.

DBack in 2006, when all the neighbors were watching football together in the backyard of the large apartment building in Berlin-Friedenau at the World Cup, everything was actually peaceful. “There were hardly any disputes,” remembers Birgit Bülow. It was harmonious, good togetherness, says her husband Norbert Bülow. “There was a snack in the house and there was also a barbecue.” Today, the summer fairy tale is far away. Conflicts have increased in recent years. At first only because of noise and other little things. But now people hardly say hello in the house. A war has broken out in the neighborhood, which runs like an abyss through the house and divides its residents into two camps: for or against the elevator.

What happened? It all started on the day Norbert Bülow got into the wheelchair.


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