Dissatisfied with treatment: man shoots around in US clinic – a dead man

Dissatisfied with treatment

Man shoots around in US clinic – a dead man

A man storms a hospital in the state of Minnesota with a firearm and opens fire. One person dies, four more are injured. The police can arrest the shooter. Apparently the perpetrator acted out of dissatisfaction with his treatment.

An armed man opened fire in a clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, on Tuesday, killing one person and injuring four others. The alleged shooter, a 67-year-old known to the police, was apparently dissatisfied with his treatment in the clinic in recent years, said Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke at a press conference. However, there was nothing to indicate the act. The man was arrested.

According to police, the shooter entered the Allina Health Clinic in the small town of Buffalo at around 11 a.m. local time (6 p.m. CET) and opened fire. According to the authorities, five people were taken to hospital with injuries. According to several US media reports, one of the victims died from his injuries.

According to Budke, there may have been an explosion before the shooting. The officers discovered a “suspicious package” during the search of the building. Other suspicious items were found in the alleged perpetrator’s hotel room. The police assume that the perpetrator acted alone.

An eyewitness who wanted to drop her mother off at the clinic told Fox 9 that two nurses stormed out of the building when she arrived at the clinic. “They said they heard about eleven shots in a minute. They were very scared and just wanted to get out of there.” About two minutes later she saw the front windows of the clinic being shot and she and her mother ran away. Buffalo is a good 60 kilometers northwest of Minneapolis.


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