doctors 15% more unhappy about Covid-19

It is not the first time that a survey has been carried out to assess the degree of work fatigue that have the professionals of Medicine, and it was clear that the coronavirus pandemic was not going to help improve their situation. In fact, the percentage of doctors, especially intensivists and rheumatic, that today they feel “very unhappy” at your job has increased by 6 percent and “somewhat unhappy”, a 9 percent, compared to the data collected last year, just before the health crisis that has put the whole world in check.

In addition, those that are defined as “somewhat happy” and “very happy” have decreased by 7 and 13 percent respectively.

These are the data from the national report on physician burnout and suicide in 2021 carried out by Medscape, whose results show that the situation of burnout has worsened and the pandemic has influenced happiness, relationships, job satisfaction and even the treatment of doctors’ patients.

However, a 79 percent of physicians states that I already suffered burnout before of the appearance of Covid-19. The doctors who suffer the most from this work exhaustion according to their specialty are those of Intensive care with a 51 percent, followed by Rheumatology with a 50 percent, Infectious diseases and Urology with a 49 percent, Neurology and Family Medicine, a 47; Internal 46 and Pediatrics 45. While, the specialists who least experience it are plastic surgeons (31 percent) and demartologists (29 percent).

In turn, the burnout is suffered more by women (51 percent) than men (36 percent). Among the reasons

47% of the physicians surveyed consider that burnout has a strong impact on their day to day

for which the doctors are burned In their work, 58 percent of physicians indicate that it is due to having “too many bureaucracy“followed by 37 percent who consider it to be”working too many hours” and the disrespect by their colleagues and other workers. “In addition, 32 percent believe that the financial compensation “is not enough”. Overall, 47 percent of physicians who experience burnout consider that this has a strong impact on your life.

89% of professionals have depression

Another point made in the Medscape survey is that the 69 percent of physicians consider that they are depressed as feel down and sad, In front of a 20 percent with clinical depression.

However, while the majority (47 percent) say that your depression does not affect your interaction with patients; a 36 confesses that he is easily exasperated in the consultation.

Tragically, both burnout and depression can end in suicide. At this point, 81 percent of health workers say they have never considered suicide as an option or have had suicidal thoughts. While 13 percent have had ideas of committing this act and 1 percent have made a suicide attempt.

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