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MANILA, – Dozens of groups of doctors on Saturday (1/8/2020) warned the government Filipina about impact Covid-19 which is getting worse there. They urged President Rodrigo Duterte to tighten up lockdown when the number of cases jumped and the hospital was overwhelmed.

Launch AFP on Saturday (1/8/2020), there are 80 medical associations representing tens of thousands of doctors who signed open letters, in response to government uploads that mention additional cases corona virus that happened today.

On Saturday, an increase in the number of corona virus cases was approaching 5,000, bringing the total to over 98,000.

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Health workers are united in voicing danger signals to the nation, our health care system has been overwhelmed,” one of the contents of the letter.

They revealed they had lost the Covid-19 issue, and they needed a comprehensive and definite plan from the Philippine government.

At present, more and more health workers have fallen ill or quit their jobs. Now, some hospitals are also full and refuse to accept new patients.

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The health ministry had previously said 34 health workers were among those who had died, due to Covid-19 disease which spread in the Philippines.

Total deaths medical officer on Saturday, reaching 2,039.

Meanwhile, the government has blamed poor adherence to health protocols for improved control of corona virus infection.

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The Philippines had enacted it lockdown the loudest in the world in mid-March, which detained people from activities outside the home, except for buying food and seeking health care.

However, the government has recently eased restrictions to allow people to return to work, after predictions that the Philippine economy will fall into recession, with millions of people losing their jobs.

In the open letter, doctors urged Duterte to put the capital city of Manila and surrounding provinces back into “enhanced group quarantine” until August 15 to give the country time to “improve our pandemic control strategy”.

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In response, Duterte’s spokesman Harry Roque initially said the government was balancing the health and economic aspects of the nation, and that they were now looking for ways to improve other strategies after lockdown it “fulfills its purpose”.

However, a few hours later Roque issued a new statement saying the government would consider the doctors’ input.

“Your voices are heard. We cannot disappoint our modern heroes,” Roque added.

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Health department officials earlier this week acknowledged the availability of hospital beds was not available and the government had restricted recruiting doctors, nurses and other new health care workers.

A public health doctor, Lei Alfonso, said at a press conference on Saturday that the development of the corona virus “will push us to the brink to become the next New York City, where Covid-19 patients die at home or coffin”.

President Duterte on Thursday called on Filipinos to remain confident in their ability to immediately get a vaccine to be produced by China, a key supporter of the Philippine government.

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