Does my child have Corona? One symptom is particularly common

  • Corona symptom in children: Gastrointestinal tract as a special symptom
  • Fever, cough, headache typical symptoms also in children
  • mild disease courses in children and babies

Children and babies can be infected with the coronavirus. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) explains that children usually show a mild course of the disease. “Only a very small part needs intensive medical care and requires ventilation,” writes the RKI.

Especially in autumn and winter, during the cold season, many parents ask themselves: Does my child have Corona? That can be decisive whether the child is allowed to go to school or daycare. You should watch out for these corona symptoms:

Recognize corona symptoms in children

Compared to adults, children are less infected with corona, explains the Robert Koch Institute in current studies. Studies have also shown that children of kindergarten age were less susceptible to corona infection than children of school age.

Fever and cough are among the most common symptoms, reports the RKI. Other possible symptoms can occur in children:

Headache, body pain and myalgia (muscle pain), runny nose, sore throat, chest pain and palpitations, shortness of breath and shortness of breath, as well as loss of taste and smell.

Children: gastrointestinal tract as an indicator of corona

The RKI also reports that gastrointestinal symptoms are more common in children than in adults, sometimes even without respiratory symptoms. This means that children could have corona even without coughing or shortness of breath – and only have gastrointestinal symptoms.

Doctor decides on corona test

As with adults, the following applies to children: A corona test can reveal a possible Covid 19 disease. A doctor usually decides whether the child needs to take a test. This should be seen 48 hours after symptoms appear if they worsen.

The Bavarian government has now determined that with mild symptoms there is no need to have a negative corona test to send children back to school. “We have thus taken up the wishes and suggestions of numerous parents”, said Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (FW).

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