Does Tobias pull naked before Katrin?

Katrin experiences a surprise at the drawing course

Katrin (Ulrike Frank) wants to educate herself in terms of creativity and is attending a drawing course. Unsuspecting that they are there on their site manager Tobias (Jan Kittmann) hits. Because he is the nude model that Katrin should draw. How will Katrin react when she sees her colleague there and will Tobias even drop his covers in front of his boss? The first part of the GZSZ weekly preview shows what exactly is happening.

You can also watch the second and third parts with GZSZ actor Jan Kittmann here – just scroll down.

Does Nihat sell stolen goods?

Merle (Ronja Herberich) is celebrating a small birthday party in the clubhouse. After that, however, the police are on the mat and Nihat (Timur Ülker) stands there with a large plastic bag full of watches in his hand. Possibly stolen goods? Moritz (Lennart Borchert) is also in the room and suddenly becomes very nervous. What happened? You can see this in the second part of the GZSZ weekly preview.

Is Jo falling into the trap of Laura and Felix?

Laura (Chryssanthi Kavazi) und Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) are just waiting for their perfidious trap for finally Already (Wolfgang Bahro) snaps and the company W&L belongs to them again. But Jo would have to take the ransom that is in a locker home with her. Laura and Felix eagerly look at the surveillance tapes at the train station. What will Jo do? You can see that in the third part of the GZSZ weekly preview.

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