dog was born in the Philippines with one eye, two tongues and no nose

Agree Amie de Martin (owner of the dog), the puppy was born with various physical malformations since he did not have a nose. Likewise, it had one eye and two languages, reported the Daily Star.

The woman also stated in the same medium that she did everything possible to save him, but the animal did not survive due to its physical conditions.. “I could not breathe and eat properly”, he claimed.

Although the causes of the malformations are unknown, several veterinarians stated that the dog would have been born with a rare disease called cyclopia that affects some mammalsadded the English newspaper.

“The vet told me that ‘Cyclops’ mother probably ate something toxic during her pregnancy, so that could have been another reason,” De Martin said.

Amie finally pointed out in the British form that she decided to keep the corpse of the little dog, that went viral on different social networks, to always remember him as a special and different dog.

Dog was born in Philippines with one eye, two tongues and no nose


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