DolarToday: price of the dollar this Monday, July 26, 2021 in Venezuela

The price of the dollar in Venezuela today, Monday, July 26, 2021, according to the DolarToday It is at 4,000 130.32 bolivars. The bills Dollar monitor they also publish their exchange rate reports in Instagram y Twitter.

Comparing the exchange rate in Venezuela yesterday, Sunday, today it did not increase or decrease according to the DolarToday portal.

These are figures from parallel dollar, while the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) controls the official values ​​of the exchange rates in the Venezuelan currency.

Dolartoday: price of the dollar in Venezuela

The price of the dollar in Venezuela stands at Bs. 4,000 130.32, according to DolarToday. In the following table you know the exchange rate in various amounts:

5 USD Bs. 20 000 651,60
10 USD Bs. 40 001 303,20
20 USD Bs. 80 002 606,40
50 USD Bs. 200 006 516,00
100 USD Bs. 400 013 032,00
500 USD Bs. 2 000 065 160,00
1000 USD Bs. 4 000 130 320,00

Dollar monitor: dollar price in Venezuela

The price of the dollar today Monday, July 26, 2021 according to the account Dollar Web Monitor es Bs. p. 3,796,019.97.

Monitor Dollar and DolarToday today July 26.

Parallel dollar in Venezuela

Know how the dollar price is going in Venezuela according to the graph of the free dollar in Venezuela.

Monitor Dollar and DolarToday today July 26.

Venezuela News

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, confirmed on Sunday, July 25, the presence of the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the Caribbean country, after two cases from abroad were detected. “We have discovered two cases of the Delta variant, both came from abroad,” he said in an address broadcast by the state channel VTV.

The president pointed out that there are two cases and that they are already in isolation receiving treatment. One of them is a young athlete from the central Miranda state who came from Turkey.

“He had verified contact with 30 people. The tests were done and fortunately they were negative, it was not transmitted to him. This young man is receiving his immediate, complete treatment and is isolated to continue fighting, so that the Delta strain does not spread in Venezuela“Said Maduro.

The other case is a 56-year-old health worker, also from abroad and a Caracas resident, who “has not infected anyone until today. She is isolated and under treatment ”.

The Venezuelan president pointed out that both affected patients are already isolated and receiving treatment. One of them is a young athlete who came from Turkey. Photo: EFE


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