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Lima, November 18, 2020Updated 11/18/2020 at 09:18

The exchange rate in Venezuela it rose this Wednesday, amid the call from Chavismo to verify that “no one is left without voting” in the next legislative elections.

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At the opening, the dollar was trading at 684,903.72 sovereign bolivars, a fall of 0.33% compared to the 682,634.16 units of the previous session, according to data from the portal DolarToday.

The first vice president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, called this Tuesday to the affiliated organizations to verify, as many times as necessary, that “no one is left without voting” in the next parliamentary elections of 6 December.

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I ask you brothers and sisters, head of the street, head of the street, heads of communities, heads of UBCH (Bolívar Chávez Battle Units), let’s go house to house, that on December 6 no one is left without voting (…) everyone has to check their mobilization and verify”He said in a campaign event, despite the fact that, in Venezuela, voting is not mandatory.

Chavismo has structural organizations deployed throughout the country that carry out different tasks in the communities and that can range from mobilizing militancy to monitoring the distribution of subsidized food and delivered by the Government.

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The December 6 election is like a turning point between what is happening and what is going to happen in our country”Cabello continued as he asked his supporters to“ do their job ”.

Cabello did not explain how they will carry out the verification, but in the past Chavismo has used the so-called “red dots” – tents installed near the electoral centers – to closely monitor its supporters through the “national card”. a parallel census that the Government uses to deliver social assistance.

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