Donald Trump believed he had his revenge on Joe Biden (but no)

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Donald Trump speaking to the press on October 15, 2020 from the White House (Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images)

UNITED STATES – He still refuses to admit defeat. Since the ballot of November 3, Donald Trump persists in contesting the victory of Joe Biden, to the point that he sacked this Tuesday, November 17 the boss of the government agency in charge of election security, who defends the probity of the ballot.

To prove his point, the Republican President has increased the number of legal remedies, which are gradually diminishing, due to a lack of evidence. This was particularly the case recently in Pennsylvania. But during the night, Donald Trump nevertheless believed he had his revenge against Joe Biden, in Michigan, a key state he won in 2016. In a tweet, the current tenant of the White House congratulated himself that Wayne County, the largest in this state, did not want to certify election results.

And in fact, representatives of the Republican Party members of the elections committee refused – initially – to validate these results, citing irregularities, particularly in the city of Detroit. A decision very quickly denounced by their Democratic counterparts as well as non-partisan organizations.

So much so that many citizens complained live about this decision during a new meeting held in public on Zoom, relays CNN. They notably accused the Republicans of stigmatizing a city where the population is 80% African-American.

Finally, less than an hour later, the two Republican representatives changed their tune, explaining that they were reassured by the federal authorities’ promise to investigate the Detroit results. Donald Trump’s victory was therefore only short-lived.

Joe Biden won Michigan with 148,000 votes. A victory made possible in particular by his performance in Wayne County, where he finished ahead of Donald Trump with 322,000 more votes.

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