Donald Trump “incited” the crowd, believes the Republican leader of the Senate

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell December 17, 2019. – J. Scott Applewhite/AP/SIPA

For the influential leader of the Republican senators, Mitch McConnell, the supporters of Donald Trump who invaded the Capitol on January 6 were “showered with lies” and “urged” to act by the American president, he declared this Tuesday.

“The crowd was showered with lies. She was prompted (to act) by the president and other powerful people ”, he said during a speech in the Senate.

Mitch McConnell against Donald Trump at his trial?

Among the Republican billionaire’s strongest allies, Mitch McConnell has distanced himself recently. He even let it be known, after the indictment of the president for “inciting insurrection”, that he did not rule out finding him guilty during his trial in the Senate.

In his speech on Tuesday, he denounced the “violent criminals who tried to prevent Congress from doing its duty” by disrupting the session devoted to certifying the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election.

“The peaceful transfer of the torch will take place tomorrow”

“They tried to use fear and violence to interrupt the proceedings” but “we persevered” and the Democratic president will be sworn in on Wednesday, as scheduled, he stressed. “Then we will continue to move forward” and work for the Americans, he promised.

Democrat Chuck Schumer, who will soon succeed him as head of the Senate, shared his analysis. “Rioters, insurgents, white supremacists and domestic terrorists have tried to prevent the transfer of power. They were encouraged (to act) by the President of the United States in person, ”he said. But “they failed”, he continued, and “the peaceful transfer of the torch will take place tomorrow as it has been for generations”.

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