Dongao hits straight | “Apple” reporter passed 7 levels of epidemic prevention!There is no Olympic atmosphere on the street, it’s super calm and time to buy instant noodles is only 15 minutes

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will have to be launched under the epidemic after a year’s delay. The grand opening will be held at 7 o’clock tomorrow evening. In order to take into account the Olympics and epidemic prevention, the Japanese government has invested a huge plan and budget to ensure that all participants can complete it safely and healthily. During the Olympics, although the anti-epidemic policy was formulated very strict, many details were still “half-set”.

The “Apple News” reporter also arrived in Tokyo last night. This time I entered from Haneda Airport. After checking the information and reviewing the relevant epidemic prevention regulations, he went through 7 barriers, and media reporters who went to Tokyo for interviews were isolated from separate channels. , Will not rendezvous with general passengers. More importantly, the preparatory committee required media from all countries to download the Japanese anti-epidemic app “OCHA”. At the beginning, it strictly stipulated that registration must be completed before entering the customs. However, according to the on-site witnesses of “Apple” reporters, many media still cannot Using “OCHA”, the staff still hastily let the media enter.

When reporters arrive at the official media hotel, they must first pick up the saliva PCR test container that must be made every day. There are volunteers standing at the door of the hotel. Every reporter who leaves the hotel is required to fill in the departure time and return time. This is because of the preparation committee. There will be regulations that reporters should leave the hotel for no more than 15 minutes of “free activities” every day in the first 14 days after arriving in Japan. Violators will have to report, and only backpacks and equipment will go to the athletes’ village for interview work. It is not limited by time, and the rest have to go out to buy water or instant noodles lightly, and they are restricted to return within 15 minutes.

Perhaps it is because it has not opened yet, or perhaps more than 450,000 people have petitioned to stop the Olympics. On the streets of Tokyo, there is not much atmosphere and flags to celebrate the Olympics, and the people of Tokyo are still living their lives. Although there is a serious shortage of volunteers for the Olympic Games this year, everyone still has their faces filled with smiles as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese who have never liked to speak English, this time the volunteers have surprisingly good English. (Li Jianzhong / Tokyo Report)


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