“Don’t be lazy, exercise,” says 83-year-old athlete – El Sol de Tampico

For Don Fidel Ponce, runner of 83 years, the kilometers are a challenge and a hope that allows you to enjoy life together with your family.

This morning the athlete concluded, amid applause and shouts of recognition, the commemorative race of the 200 years of the Secretariat of the Armed Navy of Mexico in the facilities of the First Naval Zone and whose route included part of the coastal boulevard.


The tampiqueño, father of 7 children and many grandchildren, at the end of his degree, he sent a fun but accurate message to young people.

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“What can I tell you? You see that there are some who are very lazy, who do exercise, one feels very good,” he said to THE SUN OF TAMPICO laughing a few minutes after having crossed the finish line accompanied by his son.

He reported that he has already participated in some athletic competitions, a situation that he enjoys very much, since he is motivated by his family.

“I did the 5 kilometers, my son told me to run, he is the one who pulls me, it is not the first time he ran and if he can, I will continue, “he said.


Don Fidel, the grandfather runner, thought that the competition was tough, however, he never considered the possibility of not finishing it

“I feel a little tired there is a climb that is tremendous, I do it for my son, I walk every day, I am from Tampico, but now I walk more in Altamira“he explained.

He said that for a while he suffered from leg pain, so he went to doctors who prescribed medicines that did not improve it until a doctor told him to exercise.

“He told me ‘exercise more and you will see that you will get better’, and yes, I no longer get cramps, or anything,” the runner said. 83 years.


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