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Dr. Gan Zemin Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Orthopedics)

There is more than one type of sole pain. Following the plantar fasciitis mentioned earlier, this time I would like to briefly explain “Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome”, also known as “Planar Tunnel Syndrome”. “Ankle tunnel syndrome” is often misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis in the market, and long-term treatment has not been effective, and many patients have wasted precious treatment time.

TCM includes “Ankle Tunnel Syndrome” in the category of “Jin injury”. The malleolus is a tubular structure between the medial malleolus and the calcaneal tubercle. When the tendon in the malleolus becomes inflamed and the medial tibial nerve is compressed in the tunnel, it will cause regional or radiating pain, numbness, and post-exhaustion conditions on the soles of the feet and inside the heels. An aggravated nerve entrapment syndrome. In severe cases, the burning pain of the soles of the feet may worsen at night or after walking, affecting daily life and making it difficult to walk. Prolonged compression can cause nerve degeneration, resulting in permanent foot pain. Common patients include: people who stand for long periods of time, repeated ankle sprains, ankle injuries, or long-distance runners.

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates the use of traditional Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain in combination with acupuncture and moxibustion.

Diagnostically, the clinical examination consists of percussion on the medial side of the ankle, depending on whether there is increased pain in the ankle canal and increased pain with ankle hyperextension or foot eversion. In addition, space-occupying lesions in the ankle canal, such as ganglion cysts, lipomas, schwannomas, and proliferative synovitis, can be excluded by MRI imaging.

Dr. Gan advises patients to apply hot compresses to the affected area in their spare time, and avoid ice compresses to block blood circulation and cause repeated inflammation. Also, avoid massaging the “ankle tunnel” to avoid stimulating the “ankle tunnel” and causing repeated inflammation. For local inflammation, it is necessary to abstain from eating spicy, seafood, shrimp and crab.

Patients should rest more and avoid excessive exercise. Be extra careful in your daily life, try to avoid trauma, and prevent repeated ankle sprains.

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