Dragon Age 4: a new artwork to start the year off right

It’s been over two years since Dragon Age 4 was made official, througha very nice teaser broadcast during Game Awards 2018. The game of BioWare, whose name is not definitive, has since been very rare on the Web, even if it made a remarkable appearance during the Game Awards, 2020 this time, with a slightly more telling trailer.

While waiting to know more about this Dragon Age 4, executive producer Christian Dailey wished franchise fans a Happy New Year by sharing a artwork unpublished, to admire above. A conceptual design that raises a lot of questions, the environment with flying stones is not really typical of the license, but at least, the players have enough to speculate.

Dragon Age 4 obviously doesn’t have a release date, so to pass the time, a comic strip at 17 € is available sure Amazon.

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