Driving report Piaggio MP3 500 Sport Advanced

Dhe question is whether it makes sense to equip a scooter with reverse gear. The answer can be found in two ways. First, by looking at the data sheet. It reveals that Piaggio’s MP3 500 weighs 282 kilos with a full tank. Second, through clumsy parking with the nose downhill and the subsequent attempt to get out of the gap backwards. Push a good quarter ton up a slope … have fun!

In contrast to scooter drivers, drivers are used to having a reverse gear available. Now the MP3 500 in the luxury Sport Advanced version is the first three-wheel scooter to have something like this. Like its conspecifics, it can be driven with a car driver’s license – the minimum age in Germany is 21 years. Piaggio is asking 10 830 euros for the top model in its tricycle family.

Reverse gear is activated using a toggle switch in the cockpit. As soon as the starter button is pressed while the engine is running, the MP3 starts moving backwards with a jerky jerk with the help of a separate electric motor. At a slow pace of 2 km / h it goes back as long as the starter button is held, but no more than about 20 seconds. After this period, the electric motor stops automatically. The MP3 also climbs steeper climbs backwards, at least a few meters.

To prevent it from tipping over when reversing, you also poot. Another, the better, option is to hydraulically lock the tilting mechanism and the suspension of the front wheel duo at the push of a button. Then you can maneuver lordly like Count Koks with both feet on the running boards backwards in front of the garage door to the edification of the neighborhood. But it is important to make sure that the ground is reasonably level, otherwise it tilts seriously. Maneuvering the colossus over a curb with locked tilting technology is not a good idea.

Maneuvering à la MP3: reverse into parking with both feet on the step.

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Driving report

Piaggio MP3 500

The big 500 was the most popular of all MP3s in Germany. In the meantime, the MP3 300 hpe presented in 2019 has passed: more than 3000 euros cheaper, almost 60 kilos lighter, more manageable than the Maxi-Brummer, accelerates just as well. 26 HP, 26 Nm and a top speed of around 120 km / h are enough for commuting. However, the MP3 500 is responsible for prestige and pomp. Its 493 cubic single-cylinder delivers 44 hp at 7750 rpm and 48 Nm at 5500 rpm and guarantees sovereignty even in two-person operation. On request he trots over the autobahn with a speedometer 150, not bolt-stable at such a speed, but also not wobbly.


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