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A desperate woman reported that the brother himself beat up his 81-year-old grandmother because he took food off his plate.

The case occurred in a neighborhood of Santa Marta and It quickly went viral on social media causing outrage and repudiation.

The young woman begs for help and intervention from the authorities, and accompanies her complaints on social networks with photographs in which bruises and marks are seen on the skin of the old woman after being attacked by her grandson, who, according to the complainant, suffers from drug problems.

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“It is not the first time it happens. He has tried to hang my mother, he has beaten her, abused and violated her in all aspects. He has threatened me with death and has caused me psychological damage “, expressed María Moreno, who was in charge of making this fact visible.

According to the complainant, the man has a restraining order and a complaint for domestic violence.

“My mother, being a masochist, for mother’s love and infinite justifications, received him back at home. The authorities no longer pay attention to us because of all my mother’s acts of love for her son,” he added.

This new assault would have occurred because the man came to the house under the influence of drugs and when he sat down to eat, the older woman came up to him and took a potato chip from the plate.

Action followed, the individual got up annoyed from the table and attacked his grandmother with his fists.

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My mother, being a masochist, for a mother’s love and endless justifications, welcomed him back to the house. The authorities no longer pay attention to us for all the acts of love of my mother towards her son

María Moreno insisted that it is necessary for the authorities to act and prevent a tragedy from occurring, since the aggressor keeps them threatened with harm.

“We cannot bear it anymore, our life is in danger, I will go again to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, holding on to the fact that this time there is an exemplary sanction and that tranquility can return to the house,” said María Moreno.

So far the authorities have not spoken out about this case of family violence.

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