Drydocks World and Canva collaborate to provide equipment for offshore oil production vessels

Dubai/ WAM
Drydocks World has signed a contract with Canva AS, a Norway-based oil processing company, to provide a superstructure unit for offshore oil production vessels. This project is the first cooperation between Drydocks World and Canva.
The M10 superstructure unit will be placed on board a floating production storage and offloading vessel, and used to process crude oil extracted from oil wells, after which water will be removed from the crude oil and dried in accordance with export quality standards and specifications. The processing unit weighs approximately 700 tons and is scheduled to be delivered during the second quarter of 2023.
Canva AS provides production engineering, procurement, construction and initial commissioning services for facilities within the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.
This contract reinforces Drydocks World’s commitment to support its customers in expanding their access to energy, as it has pioneering expertise in this field by manufacturing more than 40 units of equipment for floating production storage and offloading vessels.
Wiggard Solheim, Project Manager at Canva, said: “We are delighted to collaborate on this project with Drydocks World. Canva’s extensive experience in designing ship superstructure units, as well as Drydocks International’s extensive knowledge of marine shipbuilding, ensures the on-time delivery of the project and adherence to the highest quality standards. We have great confidence in the success of this overhead installation project and look forward to continuing to work with Drydocks Worldwide.”
For his part, Captain Radu Antolovic, CEO of Drydocks World, said: “We look forward to working with Canva to provide a superstructure unit for production storage and offloading vessels, which reflects their confidence in our technical capabilities and our track record of achievements in this field. Our experience in renovating, developing and modernizing floating production storage and offloading vessels allows us to support Canva in achieving its goals. We are pleased to enter into a new partnership with the company, and pave the way for us to have a long-term business relationship with them.”

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