Dudamel could not hold back and advanced the new blue chiche

The victory of the University of Chile 3 to 1 against Audax Italiano completely relaxed the blue fan, who now breathes a little calmer in the previous of the mocha against Iquique on Sunday, which could begin to move him away from the red zone of the weighted table.

But one who also won the applause was coach Rafael Dudamel. Not only because of what was shown in the second half by his team, when he went to the front of the scoreboard after the first 45 minutes that were for sleep, but also because of the look he took to lead the Blues to the edge of the field .

Although in the mocha against Everton he had already shown that he likes to dress well, since he traveled with a diver but at the time of the game he put on his best suit, now he surprised with a detail that did not pass at all piola for the fine eye of the rowdy fanatic.

Is that everything that has to do with the team or its insignia is important for the fan, so the Venezuelan coach of one won the ladle because on his suit he wore a pin with the shield of the University of Chile, in addition to a particular tie.

And although he did not keep it in the same dark place that former striker Marco Olea did, the well-remembered “Knight of the goal”, he did wear it at all times with the most boisterous suit than ever.


A blue tie where several chunchitos of red stood out, left several of the followers of the “U” asking for the information to be able to wear the same accessory in a marriage, undergraduate degree or wherever.

From Azul Azul they said that coach Dudamel was amazed by the detail of the tie and wanted to use it immediately in the game against Audax in Florida.

That’s not all, because they also date that the club is soon to launch a line of rowdy models, which will be on sale in the Official Store (tienda.udechile.cl).

“The teacher liked them a lot and he will be exhibiting the models match by match,” indicated those close to them.


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