“Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” released the latest promotional video and the early purchase bonus “Zhao Yun Set” “DYNASTY WARRIORS 9: Empires”

Taiwan Koei Tecmo announced that the tactical action game “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires“(PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam) has released the latest promotional video today.

This is a commemorative “Dynasty Warriors“The 20th anniversary commemorative work, and is “Dynasty Warriors The latest work in the Empires series. In addition to the corresponding platforms that have been disclosed before, it is also decided to be sold on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One platforms (the Xbox series platforms are only available for download). The latest video that gathers the charm of this work, including the screens of the actual game, is also released today.

In addition, the early purchase bonus for this game is also confirmed to be the “Male Editor “Zhao Yun Set”” that allows self-editing generals to wear Zhao Yun’s armor.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires》Introduction

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Originally as “Dynasty Warriors“The 20th anniversary commemorative work is the latest work in the “Empires” series that allows you to experience both the refreshing action elements of one rider and the elements of “capture the world” simulation game.

In this work, one of the characteristics of the “Empires” series is full of strategic battles, which has evolved significantly into “siege warfare”, using the area around the city as a stage, leading an army to seize the city. In the ever-changing battle conditions, you can flexibly use various strategies or your own force to try to conquer the city gates, bringing brand-new combat fun.

The “political system” that determines the rise and fall of the country along with its own choices and exchanges with military generals also remains. Players will experience the colorful careers of monarchs, generals, soldiers and generals in the field. This work can also lead to building a stronger country by building relationships with various generals.

In addition, this work is also equipped with the well-known “editing function” in the “Empires” series, allowing players to combine their favorite accessories to create an original editing military commander equivalent to the player’s clone. Through various events with Wushuang generals, write down the epic “Three Kingdoms Experience” that belongs only to you.

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  • Early purchase bonus: “Men’s Editor “Zhao Yun Set”” download serial number

※ It may be sold for a fee in the future.

※ This bonus is enclosed in the first physical version, and you can also get this bonus by purchasing the download version within 2 weeks of the release.

Game Information

  • game name:Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

  • The original name of the game: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

  • Game type: tactical action

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / PC Steam

         Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S

    (※ PS5 / Xbox series X|S / Xbox One / Steam only supports download version)

  • Release Date: 2021

  • Suggested price: NT$1790

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Japanese / English / Korean etc.

  • Number of players: 1

  • Age classification: Undecided

  • Developer: KOEI TECMO Games

  • Publisher: KOEI TECMO Games

  • Distributor: Taiwan Koei Tecmo

  • Official website:http://www.gamecity.com.tw/smusou8e/

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