Economic and health crisis – Vaud puts money on the table for Bern to do the same

The Vaud government has announced that it will release 58 million more and calls on Bern to finance its new concept of safeguarding the economic fabric, presented on Wednesday.

The Vaudois State Councilors, from left to right, Philippe Leuba, Nuria Gorrite, Pascal Broulis and Rebecca Ruiz, during the Council of State press conference, Thursday January 14, 2021 at the Château, in Lausanne. (KEYSTONE / Laurent Gilliéron)

Vaud is doing a lot and will continue to do a lot for its economy. Faced with the coming third wave, the means are mobilized but it is above all up to the Confederation to get the money out. Cantons and Confederation should spend another 1.5 to 2 billion to take on Wednesday’s decisions, such are the messages of the Vaud government the day after the Federal Council’s announcement.

Money first

“We should no longer speak of” hardship “, we must say” compensation “, because it is a clear logic of compensation”, warns Pascal Broulis. With its decisions on Wednesday, the Federal Council reversed the logic. Payment to the affected business depends on a mandatory 40-day shutdown. The criterion of a loss of turnover of 40% remains valid for those who have had the right to open.

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