Editorial Perfil launches Canal E, the first economic news channel in Argentina

2023-05-30 10:00:00

In a new television bet, Publisher Profile prepares for launch Channel E, the first economic news channel in Argentina. With a look that escapes polarization, the signal will have the stamp of the brand and will serve as a quick reference source to assist the audience in making decisions in a context of economic volatility.

The launch event will be this Tuesday, May 30 at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. The appointment is scheduled for 16 hours and will be attended by numerous personalities from the world of politics, the economy and the media. The host, meanwhile, will be Jorge FontevecchiaCEO of the Profile Group.

Hand in hand with the journalist Nestor Sclauzero and of edward queen As commercial director, Editorial Perfil launches an innovative signal dedicated exclusively to news from the world of the economy and companies. The purpose is to keep the audience updated regarding the movements of financial institutions, investment banking services, bond issuance and structured financing, among other topics.

“It seems to me that it is a journalistic fact to launch an economy and finance channel at this time and in this context of a country where the capital market is the future of financing companies. We will have a channel that reports based on the needs of the business community , of the economy in general,” said Eduardo Reina.

The details of the launch of Canal E

Under the premise of independent journalism without crackCanal E will seek to provide a real-time view of what is happening in the Argentine economy and in the world, through the production of immediate and exclusive economic and financial information.

Driving will be Nuria Am, Franco Salomone, Pepe Gil Vidal, Martín Mena and Rocío Kalenok. In addition, it will have the participation of numerous columnists of the highest quality, among them Ceferino Reato, Liliana Franco, Mariano Gorodisch, Carlos Burgueño, and Willy Kohan..

Starting in June, the new economic news signal from Perfil will be present in all cable operators, according to the ENACOM provision dated May 19. Initially, it will have a live programming of 12 hours a day from Monday to Friday, considerably increasing the transmission of content that it provides Channel E via streaming since a month ago. New programs will be added later to cover the weekend’s agenda.

Perfil consolidates its regional position with pure journalism without cracks in Spanish, English and Portuguese

Enacom’s resolution, meanwhile, that Canal E meets the requirements to be a mandatory news signal, since it will program a minimum of 12 hours live and present “priority informational content in its various formats: current news, journalistic, among others, of a local, regional and provincial order”.

“This contributes to freedom of expression, diversity and plurality. It allows the citizen to receive more information and then decide”, commented the Vice President of Enacom, Gustavo López, in a note with Radio Perfil.

Editorial Perfil became a multimedia that includes, in addition to the digital universe and the paper newspaper, the magazines Caras, Noticias and Semanario. Also to Radio Perfil and the television channels Net TV (TDT), KZO (TV Paga), Alfa TV (TDT, still with test broadcasts) and Bravo TV (TDT), the first two in alliance with the production company Kuarzo and the latter associated with Grupo Crónica (Grupo Olmos).

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