Edouard Balladur’s lawyers castigate the “delusional theories” at the origin of the case

Every good plot has its bad object. Wednesday February 3, on the last day of the trial of Edouard Balladur and François Léotard, absent, before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), for complicity and concealment of abuse of alleged corporate assets, the defense points to it. : Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke has investigated for years with charge and without evidence, according to lawyers, this case of commissions on the arms markets, part of which would have served to finance the presidential campaign of the former prime minister, in 1995.

“Rumors”, “hypotheses”, “prejudices”, “guesses” “questionable allegations”, “crass accusations” and even “Delusional theories” or ” grotesques » ; these are, in their eyes, the basis of education.

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Me François Martineau, the first to speak out to defend one hour during the prescription, twenty-five years after the facts, is effectively followed by Mr.e Felix de Belloy: “This case is completely time-barred. ” Even if both see the danger of the sponge blow perceived in this case by the public.

Me Martineau endeavors to demonstrate that the abuse of corporate assets towards the companies concerned by arms sales – the DCNI and the Sofresa – was not constituted. And that, if it was, no public action had been initiated, neither by the State shareholder, nor by the companies themselves. Neither the President of the Republic at the time, François Mitterrand, nor the Prime Minister of cohabitation subsequently, Lionel Jospin, saw fit to intervene in this alleged abuse of social assets. As for Jacques Chirac, the president who ordered the cessation of the payment of commissions in 1996, while having the intermediary Ziad Takieddine compensated by his friend Rafic Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister, he did not initiate any further action. public.

The “turning point” of the case

The Bravery Piece Happens With Me de Belloy, jurist, storyteller, actor, and even novelist. For the forties, the “Turning” of the case takes place in 2004, when Judge Van Ruymbeke receives, on letter rogatory, bank documents from Geneva which he reads “Hastily”. Ah. “Until then he had the testimonies of Mmy Gaubert and Takieddine and suddenly he has the story! He has got everything ! “

We cite: anonymous letters, political rivalries, investigative journalists, DGSE reports … “It is a case which will give the so-called culprits of the Karachi case” – the attack in the Pakistani capital on May 8, 2002, in which eleven DCNI technicians who worked on the Agosta submarines were killed. “So obviously it’s a big day for Judge Van Ruymbeke. It only remains for him to dress it legally. And Edouard Balladur will be definitely guilty in the eyes of the public. “

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