Edyta Górniak on cooperation with Zenek Martyniuk: “Not at the moment. I have too many projects” (VIDEO)

After that Edyta Górniak during the concert organized as part of the Summer Tour of Two, she jumped on stage during the performance Zenek Martyniuk, there was speculation that these two plans joint musical projects.

Unfortunately, the rumors about the diva duo and the “king of disco polo” he denied Zeno himself. Asked to sing alongside I know singer, denied:

I don’t know anything. I am not planning any project with Edyta Górniak and I am surprised by the question about our cooperation – he stated firmly in an interview with one of the gossip portals.

It turns out that Górniak is not eager to cooperate so far. In an interview with a reporter Boxes she mentioned a “friendly” meeting with a colleague from the industryand also revealed that at the moment she is too busy to plan a duet with Martyniuk. However, she stressed that she did not know what the situation would look like in the future.

I’m not saying never, but not right now she said mysteriously.

Would you like to see them on one stage?


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