Eh, how “Mor Plai” talks about this kind of “watermelon” case, some facts should not be said.

by briefing the case “watermelon” In the past, Pol Lt. Gen. Jirapat Phumchit (Commander of Police 1), Pol Maj Gen Udon Yomcharoen (Deputy Commander of Police 1) and Pol Maj Gen Paisan. Wong Watcharamongkol (Commander of the Nonthaburi Provincial Police) led the team to open a briefing summary of the investigation into the death of “watermelon” Throughout the 2 full months since death that “Died from suffocation due to drowning Confirmed not murder not an accident Watermelon doesn’t fall into the water by itself. But someone was so careless that the watermelon fell into the water and died.” He also explained about the large wound on the watermelon’s thigh, saying: “It’s a wound caused by a ship’s propeller because the wound is consistent with the ship’s propeller.”

Including also ordering a lawsuit against 6 suspects, 5 people on board and 1 consultant, comprising “Robert Paiboon”, “Po Tanuphat”, “Sen Wisapat”, “Job Nithat” , “Kratik Itsarin” and “Pheem Thammatheerasri” or “M” But prosecutors have temporarily released six of the accused with 200,000 securities each.

and while the police gave a summary of the case “watermelon” side “The late doctor” or “Doctor Plai Prai Whip”, a famous young prophet that is going strong right now Who has come out to predict, say hello to people in the entertainment industry has opened up about the case “watermelon” Once again, with a big celebrity presenter like “Mam Suriwipha” in the list “Mam’s Table” immediately that “Looking at the end result It was something that was already placed in it. The answer is what he puts it. Just clear it to the end and then change the subject more.”

“Mam Suriwipha” : Will it be over?

“The late doctor” Confused people are still confused. Maybe some truths shouldn’t be said.

“Mam Suriwipha” : Many people are waiting to see the happy ending.

“Doctor” : It doesn’t exist anymore, it doesn’t exist. His elder brother is dead and he’s not happy anymore. This story will never end with something happy for sure.

“Mam Suriwipha” : People want to see the wrong person to be punished. No one has told me who is wrong and who is right, but based on facts.

“Doctor” : Society has changed, capitalism, materialism must understand this too. I can’t say much. I want everyone to look at this case as a case study. The main thing is that Watermelon is a famous person. also got this kind of event So what do ordinary people who are not famous and have no money to do in the future? Let everyone claim the rightness Please believe in goodness, honesty, justice must pull it up. for it to exist

Thank you for the table Noo Mam.

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