Eintracht Frankfurt defeated SC Freiburg at the end of the Bundesliga

EIt’s done: The 58th season of the Bundesliga is behind Eintracht. What until recently was intended to be the crowning glory of an extraordinary round turned out to be a trivial sweep. The 3: 1 against SC Freiburg had only statistical value for the Frankfurt team: They remained unbeaten in their own stadium for the third time in their history in the first class for a whole season.

Little consolation. Thanks to the goals of Andre Silva (62nd minute, hand penalty), Almamy Touré (87th) and Ragnar Ache 90th + 2nd), Eintracht came to 60 points in the final score. She ended a memorable sporting year in fifth place in the table – and she will grieve for a long time that she carelessly gambled away the chance to achieve more.

Adi Hütter, who is responsible for the slump in performance that shattered the dream of the Champions League, walked across the lawn after the final whistle and shook many hands; among others by junior goalkeeper Elias Bördner, who this time was preferred to national goalkeeper Kevin Trapp. It was a routine ceremony without any major emotions. In the past few days, cracks have developed between the team and the coach, which were poorly covered by the scenes after the final whistle of the encounter with the Breisgauer, who scored their goal through Wooyeong Jeong (77th).

Europa League for unity

The 51-year-old had imagined his departure differently. But it was not least because of him and his interests, guided by selfishness, that the team got out of step after Easter and thus missed the qualification for the premier class. With his announcement that he would leave Frankfurt and join Borussia Mönchengladbach, the Austrian trainer, who had always presented himself as a reliable character, caused an unpleasant surprise that set many of his players in motion with a thought process that was detrimental to their performance on the lawn.

Eintracht will be in the Europa League after the summer break, after all. But what a large number of fans are currently more interested in is the question of when the schedule for the first division will be published to see when the home game against Gladbach will come: many who were not allowed to attend live on Saturday as in the weeks before , Hütter then want to let their displeasure be felt and, if the audience is allowed again, confront him with a loud whistling concert that the coach should not forget anytime soon.

The Vorarlberger said that he will keep Eintracht Frankfurt in “good memories”. As for himself, the majority of the supporters are now completely different, as they criticize his change of heart and the changeable coaching in the past few weeks, which together led to a regression that culminated in the embarrassing 3: 4 defeat at Schalke. With a success in the royal blue relegated team, Eintracht would have left Wolfsburg behind in the overall ranking.

Hütter, who started out in 2018 as the successor to cup victory triumphant Niko Kovac, has understood how to reverse the respect he had for a long time in Frankfurt by doing his own thing. The (remaining) club management waived a bouquet of flowers to say goodbye to the coach trio – the assistants Christian Peintinger and Armin Reutershahn also follow their boss towards the Lower Rhine.

Hellmann takes stock on Sunday

Sports director Bruno Huebner, who is retiring and who has been with us for ten years, also went away empty-handed. And also board member Fredi Bobic, who is moving to Berlin and who had resigned to Eintracht this week with a touch of vanity that was unusual even for Bundesliga conditions, there were no official words of thanks for the until recently fruitful cooperation since mid-2016.

Also leaving Eintracht are chief analyst Sebastian Zelichowski and team manager Thomas Westphal, who were said to accompany Bobic to Berlin. A staff report from the weekend at Riederwald fits into the image of a club where a lot has been in motion: Thomas Broich and Jérôme Polenz, former professionals and today’s TV experts, those of Andreas Möller, the head of the high-performance center, long-term as profound trainers were intended in the junior division, quit their service after just one season.

This Sunday, Hellmann, the new board spokesman, will speak with his balance sheet at a press conference. It is possible that he will give an indication of who will soon be in charge of the Eintracht professionals as a trainer. It is intended that the new man will be introduced by Markus Krösche, who comes from RB Leipzig and will start his job as sports director on the Main on June 1st. After a season that cost everyone involved a lot of energy due to the pandemic, the Frankfurters are facing a summer that promises to be no less strenuous in any other way.


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