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Definitely, “El Chavo del 8” It is one of the most watched television series of all time, since from the first time it was broadcast, back in the 70s, many generations from different parts of the world grew up watching each of its chapters.

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How to forget Chavo, Quico, Chilindrina, Popis and Noño doing their thing and getting into trouble. Although the children put that quota of humor, Don Ramón, Doña Cloltilde, Professor Jirafales, Señor Barriga, Don Jaimito and Doña Nieves were not left behind.

One of the moments that caused a lot of laughter and a bit of bewilderment is the chapter where the Noño’s dad and the ‘Old Chancluda’ very close together, so much so that they provoke the anger and disappointment of ‘Maestro Longaniza’.

Mr. Barriga and Doña Florinda are surprised by the arrival of Professor Jirafales (Photo: Televisa)


Everything takes place in Doña Florinda’s house, as far as Señor Barriga arrived, who accidentally wet her. In his eagerness to make up for what he had done, he asks him to sit on the furniture while he with his handkerchief and on his knees he begins to dry her clothes.

When he is holding her hand and seems to kiss him, the Professor Jirafales, who is puzzled and outraged by what he’s seeing. “Ahaha! I caught them red-handed “he says very angry.

Although Barriga tries to explain to him at all times, the character played by Rubén Aguirre does not want to listen to him and goes to his beloved to tell her that he always showed sincere affection. “The shame they have put me through has no name. What a shame!”He tells Doña Florinda, whom he does not allow to speak either and calls her “Doña Traidora”.

Mr. Barriga, on his knees, cleaning Doña Florinda's clothes (Photo: RCN)

Mr. Barriga, on his knees, cleaning Doña Florinda’s clothes (Photo: RCN)

When finally, the owner of the neighborhood can defend himself, he asks him not to make a fool of himself and tells him that he was only trying to clean Florinda, while clarifying that he only loves and respects his wife and son Ñoño.

After hearing it, Girafales asks Florinda what she thinks and when she agrees with Mr. Barriga, the teacher’s indignation grows more. “I know when I have lost, I am leaving with my honor safe. I do not want to know anything”.

In the end, ‘Maestro Longaniza’ leaves Florinda’s house, who stays with Barriga, but realizing all the confusion that was generated, he cries inconsolably.

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