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Lima, September 17, 2020Updated 09/17/2020 at 03:19

WhatsApp, the leading messaging app on the market, has many features that users ignore or just don’t imagine exists.

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Despite having it downloaded, we usually think that we know enough about it, even if it is a big mistake.

Everything happens to be a little curious, especially when it comes to customizing functions. Some are huge fans of the latter.

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How do you know which contact is writing you without looking at your mobile?

Although it sounds strange, it is quite simple and common for a large part of WhatsApp users.

To achieve this, you just have to customize a function in the contacts you want. This applies to Android or IOS, although the procedure is not the same.

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  • If you have a mobile with Android operating system, you must follow the following steps:
  • Go to the chat of the person whose notification tone you want to change, and click on the icon with the three dots (⋮) that you have at the top right.
  • Then, click on the option “View contact” that you have in the first place.
  • Select the option “Personalized notifications ”, which will take you to the menu where you can customize the notifications to make this user more recognizable.
  • Now, activate the option Notif. personalized that appears first, so you can start customizing the notifications for this contact so that they sound different.
  • Once you have activated the options, click on the option Notification tone and change how you want your messages to sound.
  • You can also change how the calls sound, the vibration and the LED light that the mobile will emit with the messages of this person.

NOTE: While doing it with all your contacts can take forever, it is a practical solution for the most important ones.

Is it the same for iOS?

In this case it is much more practical to identify who is writing to you on iOS, and the process to change the tone is as follows:

  • Go to the conversation of the user for whom you want to customize the notifications.
  • Click on their name at the top of the window.
  • Select on the option Custom tone to be able to select the tone you want this person to have.
  • Give each user a special tone that you can recognize.


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