‘El Hormiguero’: Hugo Silva and Michelle Jenner reveal the secrets of ‘Paco’s men’

They were one of the couples with the most admirers on television. Your roles in ‘Paco’s men’ and their on-screen chemistry earned them millions of fans. Now, Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva meet again in ‘La cocinera de Castamar’, a period series that tells the story of Clara Belmonte and the Duke of Castamar, two characters with a painful past who will have to fight against the obstacle of class difference if they want to be together and face Enrique de Arcona’s thirst for revenge . Both interpreters went to ‘El Hormiguero’ to comment on the new fiction and, incidentally, review anecdotes from their professional career. “It seems that we are predestined,” they commented in duet.

In his brand new work Silva plays the villain. “It looks good to be the bad guy”, pointed his partner. And he admitted: “The bad guy always has a lot of burden behind him, he even allows you to pass you at a given moment, he gives you more ground.” The story takes place in the 18th century, where the clothes had nothing to do with the current ones. “Wearing a corset is quite uncomfortable, you can’t even breathe well,” the actress complained. His colleague was quite uncomfortable with his shoes, so much so that a solution was sought. «I learned it from the great Juan Diego. When I’m shooting a period character or someone very well groomed, I wear the shirts. If I can’t be seen by plane, I try to take them. The problem is that suddenly they changed to a general shot and left, “he revealed.

Quoting the veteran Juan Diego led them to remember how he encouraged them in ‘Los Hombres de Paco’. “Before he started acting, he touched our balls,” Silva confessed to Michelle’s amused look, which he confirmed by nodding. ‘It was very funny. He did it to break that moment of previous concentration a bit. He said that what you had to do was be very loose, “recalled the comedian. And it was not the only curious custom they had in the series. «Paco (Tous), Pepón (Nieto) and I spit on each other when we had to work together. It was a silly mania. We did it just before recording and then we had to cover up the stain », evoked Hugo, assuring that during that work the fits of laughter were continuous. “I have not laughed more in my life than shooting that series”Jenner commented.

Hugo Silva discovered that suffer sleep. Now less and less, but it is a problem. It is the state we are all in when we go to sleep. The task is that during my life I have stayed there, halfway. I am asleep, with my eyes closed, but I think I have them open. You are really dreaming, but one plane mixes with another and you see things that do not correspond. It is very overwhelming, “he said. The actor also stated that as a child he had a recurring nightmare: “I had two Epi and Blas dolls in my room and I dreamed they were arguing with very sinister voices.” Jenner, for her part, has also suffered strange nods. «Once I dreamed that I gave birth to eggs. Luckily I didn’t get to see what came out of them », he counted.


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