Elections 2021: Alliance for Progress breaks agreement with the PPC

No more. The political agreement between the organization Alliance for Progress (APP) and Christian People’s Party (PPC), which had been made official last Monday, October 12, with a view to 2021 general election, finally expired.

Through a statement, the group founded by Cesar Acuna He maintains that his decision is based on the existing division within the Pepecista party. A group of militants rejected the electoral coalition, even before it became official.

“It has been public knowledge that a sector of PPC leaders and militants have openly shown their manifest dissatisfaction with this effort for unity between our parties, with expressions and acts known to all, Y having made a deep and thoughtful evaluation of this situation and its future repercussions, we have made the decision not to continue with the aforementioned alliance”Reads the APP message.

The political group also highlighted the work of a part of the PPC leadership, with whom they agreed on the alliance registered with the National Elections Jury (JNE) five days ago, but emphasized that the current rejection could generate “future conflict situations.”

“We recognize the serious and responsible work of a good part of the PPC’s national leadership. However, We consider that we must avoid future conflictive situations that contribute nothing to our electoral campaign rich in proposals and with a high debate of ideas ”, the statement continues.

Cesar Acuna In his personal Twitter account, he said that the separation of the two parties “does not reduce” the intention of promoting political agreements. However, the deadline to request an electoral alliance for the next elections expired on Monday the 12th.

Beingolea: “Too bad that personalities have beaten ideas”

For its part, Alberto Beingolea He referred to the breakdown of the party he represents with APP. He said to fight against the policy that “destroys”, but that this was greater and prevented the continuity of the alliance.

“The destroyers are more and after months of trying understandings to achieve the unity of the great sector of the center that represents the majority, I confess with regret not having achieved it”, He detailed on his Twitter account.

APP and PPC: a frustrated electoral alliance

On the last day of the deadline to request the registration of electoral alliances, APP and the PPC announced their coalition to reach the Andean Presidency, Congress and Parliament together, in the general elections next April.

Alberto Beingolea, president of the party founded by Luis Bedoya Reyes, stated that the presidency and first vice presidency would correspond to the APP candidates, and the second vice presidency to the PPC.

However, The agreement called Alliance for the Progress of Peru-National Unity was dissolved this Saturday, two days after El Comercio broadcast a series of audios in which Marisol Pérez Tello, Secretary General of the PPC, he assured that “he would not vote for César Acuña.”

The statements were given at the meeting of the Expanded Political Commission of the Pepecista party on October 11, one day before the alliance was formalized. The former minister questioned the political presence of Acuña due to plagiarism in his doctoral thesis.

After the broadcast of the audios, Marisol Pérez Tello said that in the elections she will vote for the candidates of the alliance with APP.

Elections 2021, latest news:

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